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okay so like ….forest goth

-live in the forest

-dark, earthy tones such as burgundy and swamp green

-lil’ pins with foxes and bunnies

-keeping the goth vibe with a lot of well blended black, brown and yellow eye shadow and eyeliner

-baggy cardigans that look like they’ve been torn a bit by animals

-leaves in ur hair

-everyone you know is a wolf or other forest animal

I don’t hate you for being cis

I don’t like you for being trans

I don’t hate you for being straight

I don’t like you for being on the queer spectrum

I hate you for being an asshole to other people

I like you for taking the time to learn about other people

I hate you for judging people for things they cannot control

I like you for educating others about things that are not part of the educational system

I cry everyday because as I try to get situated in the adult film industry I have to subject myself to being referred to by slurs and use them myself when tagging my stuff simply because that is how the system works.

I feel like a traitor, that by doing this I’m sacrificing a part of my soul for the sake of making money.

I have literally not gone a day in the last 2 weeks without breaking down into a sobbing mess. 

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