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I don’t hate you for being cis

I don’t like you for being trans

I don’t hate you for being straight

I don’t like you for being on the queer spectrum

I hate you for being an asshole to other people

I like you for taking the time to learn about other people

I hate you for judging people for things they cannot control

I like you for educating others about things that are not part of the educational system

I cry everyday because as I try to get situated in the adult film industry I have to subject myself to being referred to by slurs and use them myself when tagging my stuff simply because that is how the system works.

I feel like a traitor, that by doing this I’m sacrificing a part of my soul for the sake of making money.

I have literally not gone a day in the last 2 weeks without breaking down into a sobbing mess. 

Don’t love someone like me. I will take all your trust and love and build you a crystal tower. It will shine so brilliantly when the sun hits just right and the beauty of it all will make you feel safe. And one by one you will drop your guards and bare yourself to me. And when I leave, you will be left alone and naked, surrounded by glass and exposed to the world

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